Top 5 tips to keep your Digital footprints secured

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Your daily online activity involves accessing multimedia websites and social media networks. Whatever you do online, be it accessing your Facebook profile or downloading YouTube videos; you leave a trace known as a digital footprint. However, there are dangers that surround your digital footprint such as unauthorized access to your personal information. Digital footprint can be accessed not only by your known people but also by cyber criminals.

However, these can be taken care of with the help of a technical expert who knows the inside-out of how cybercriminals operate. This is when users can ask for the guidance of a Norton support expert who can help them in keeping their digital footprints completely secured. But, before we come to giving you tips on securing your digital footprint, let us first understand the two types of digital footprints available.

  • Active Digital Footprint

This includes posts made on your social media, which are a known form of active footprint. When the user is logged in a project management site, the changes made are also a part of Active footprint. If you want to know more, contact the Norton support services experts.


  • Passive Digital Footprint

Passive digital footprints include websites that collect information on how many times have you visited it in the recent past. It is done when a device having your IP address accesses the designated website, as it is a hidden website so the users may not know about it.


Both of passive as well as active digital footprints can be located in many ways using different sources. The experts at the Norton support have come up with 5 easy-to-follow steps to keep your personal information secured thereby protecting your online identity.


Top 5 tips to secure digital footprint


  1. Create strong password

If you need to create a password then make one which is a mixture of words, symbols, numbers and lower as well as upper case letters. Make a password that is easier for you to remember but do not use information such as your birthday, names of family members or pets. This makes it easier for online hackers to access your information with ease. If you want to know more about creating a strong password, contact the Norton support experts.


  1. Keep all software’s updated

A number of virus and malware programs are designed to save your digital footprints and are continuously updated. Always ensure that the antivirus software and other online protection remains up-to-date. To know more about keeping your device updated, contact the Norton support service.


  1. Delete unnecessary applications

Always set a lock for your device so that it is not accessible by others when you are not around. Also, from time to time review the applications that you are not using and delete them from your device. Keep a note about the information sharing and privacy settings of the application. Contact the Norton support experts to know more about keeping your digital footprint in a good light.


  1. Check the privacy settings

Privacy settings on all social media networks allow you to who can see your post. Spend time in knowing the privacy settings to use them fully. However, do not assume that these will protect you 24*7.


  1. Build your online image

Always create a positive and professional digital footprint by posting things that create a good image of you that others would want to see. Remove yourself from questionable posts and photos that create a negative footprint for you. Let Norton support service be your guide i006E building a positive online image.

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